Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Famous Liquid Zanzibar Emulsifier Pageant Part Deux in UltraFrance

In the future,
countries will be the same countries,
only more so.

Prime Minister of GigaFrance:
Jason Lee

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The Boredoms are coming on the 25th, and I leave on the damn 23rd.
Fuck me.

They're one band I've always wanted to see, and I've been totally psyched about this upcoming show.
Also, I thought they were coming on the 16th.


Ugh. This sucks.


It's called Mountain Battles, and it haunts my sleep.

I sincerely recommend that you listen to the new single, "Bang On" here:

I can't handle it.
The Breeders have been one of my most favorite bands for many years and their output is so sporadic that any trace of activity sends me into a frenzy. This is overload. I'm getting panicky/anxious over this new album.
And they're touring! Hugely!
I think i might have to travel if I'm going to catch them because they're in my old home when i'm in my current home, and later, vice versa. I don't mind.
They were my first real concert, and I'll love them forever.

Also, look how vaguely Joel-Peter Witkin-esque this photo is:

Monday, March 3, 2008



Late last night Max and I were watching tv when we heard a loud screeching sound outside our window fading into our perception, followed by a very audible crunch. Then the car immediately pulled back, switched gears and sped off down 26th.
We stepped outside to check out the damage with our recently roused neighbors.
The One Way sign on the corner is severely bent inward toward our building.
Then we heard sirens.
At first only a couple of squad cars were on the trail, but soon more and more zoomed along the breadcrumb trail of flashing lights.
I think we counted ten?
What could this guy have done?
He must have committed some sort of felony for that sort of police attention.

If he had hit the fire hydrant next to the sign, our sidewalk would be a skating rink.
If he had gone further, our building would have a car in it.

The skid marks are still in the street.

It's strange to be a part of the physical history of a location.
That sign will be bent for years.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

What am I doing with my life? China's Wolong Nature Reserve, for a mere $130 per person, you can enter the panda day care center which is currently home to 16 baby panda babies, and play with them. With the baby pandas. Apparently you only get five minutes, but they are baby pandas. The best things ever.

How can I become a panda farmer?